Vitiligo Calculator

The VES (Vitiligo Extent Score) is a measure to express the overall vitiligo involvement of the body (extent).
This calculator (including VES, SAVES, VESplus and VSAS) is intended for use by physicians in clinical trials and daily practice for the assessment of vitiligo.

VES Calculator VESplus Calculator SA-VES Calculator VSAS Calculator

International Vitiligo Score Working group

  • Construction and copyright of the VES calculator:
    Nanja van Geel (coordinator), Reinhart Speeckaert. Department of Dermatology, Ghent University Hospital, Gent, Belgium.

  • International group:
    • Nanja van Geel (BE)
    • Reinhart Speeckaert (BE)
    • Marcel Bekkenk (NL)
    • Albert Wolkerstorfer (NL)
    • Cecilia Prinsen (NL)
    • Viktoria Eleftheriadou (UK)
    • Khaled Ezzedine (FR)
    • Alain Taieb (FR)
    • Thierry Passeron (FR)
    • Mauro Picardo (IT)
    • John Harris (US)
    • Amit Pandya (US)
    • Iltefat Hamzavi (US)

  • International framework:
    Vitiligo European Task Force (VETF) and Vitiligo Global Issues Consensus Conferences (VGICC) group

About the VES Calculator

The pictures that reflect the extent of the vitiligo lesions can be selected by this tool. The calculator provides a score that can be expressed in percentage of the body surface area (BSA) involvement or grade of extent per region (Grade 0 tot 6).

The video below includes an explanation of the VES, VESplus and SAVES, as well as instructions on how to utilize these scores.


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